Gwen Tombergs, Owner 

Life changes are hard. Period. And change is definitely harder the older we get; or worse yet, when we don’t have family or close friends around to help us through difficult decisions when change is needed.

I’ve moved 26 times (no kidding) so packing, unpacking and making a new place your home is second nature to me. Downsizing, organizing and eliminating clutter is what I do best.

My sisters and I were challenged with moving our mom into a senior living community when she really didn’t want to go. Once she was in her new place, she flourished until dementia set in. It was then that I realized finding the services my mom needed was an overwhelming task.

Soon thereafter, I joined the board of CASI (Center for Active Seniors) with the goal of helping the seniors in the Quad Cities achieve their best life. I created a fundraiser, the Holiday Hat Bash, which has raised thousands of dollars for senior care. I am also very active with many nonprofits in our community.

So, if you, or someone in your life, needs a helping hand from someone you can trust, call me for a free consultation.

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LivWell Seniors is a free and local resource, dedicated to helping seniors and their families determine the right senior living accommodations.​

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